[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Clean Olle’| Route 6 | December 2014

It is the end of 2014 and the Clean Olle volunteers were out on Route 6 in Seogwipo to see out the final Olle trash collection of the year.

Despite the cold a number of academy graduates attended prior to their meeting and dinner later in the afternoon. Also a number of office staff including founder, Suh Myung-sook, took part in the morning’s trash collecting activities.

On each Clean Olle we’re usually treated to a lot of food throughout the day. Be it from the trunk of someone’s car before setting off in the morning. Or from a bag or box during a rest stop. Or even from a store alongside the route. December had the group stop at a Jeju grandmother operated snack stand of sorts. Warming up inside the tent we had sweet potato, pajeon, and swintari which is like a Jeju homemade rice wine.

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