[Monthly Event Reports] ‘Clean Olle’| Route 14-1 | July 2014

Here are a few photographs from the July ‘Clean Olle’ out on Route 14-1 out in the Jeoji-ri countryside and into the Gotjawal Forest.

It was a bit of a wet one due to Jeju’s rainy season, but the group still walked and collected trash for a few hours prior to reaching Mundoji Oreum.

At that point the equipment was brought in and everyone continued on to the green tea fields of O’sulloc.

From there it was a short drive for a cheap and delicious buffet lunch known as ‘jeongsik(정식)’ in Korean.

After that everyone drove up to Hallim for a Jeju Olle Academy meeting for the afternoon.  Various topics were discussed between the academy graduates and office staff including the academy graduates guided tour program along with basic first aid tips while out on the trail.

[Ken Lee Collection] ‘Grass and Wind’ with Ken Lee’s ‘Seoul State of Mind’ Jeju Olle Trail Blog Posts


Grass and Wind Seoul State of Mind

Ken Lee is a British Gwangju-based Jeju Olle Trail Young Supporter (Belegi Ganse) who has a talent for taking some wonderful photographs of Jeju Olle Trail when he visits the island.

Lee was last over here for the 3rd Group Workshop a couple of weeks ago and his new Jeju Olle Trail themed blog post via Seoul State of Mind concerns the ‘Grass and Wind’ of Route 12.

For the rest of the photographs follow through on this link to his blog.

I’ll be posting more of Lee’s previous Olle related content and photographs under the banner of the ‘Ken Lee Collection’ in the near future.

But for now just enjoy ‘Grass and Wind’.